Regarding the Eruption of Mt. Ontake

Tuesday, February 4, 2015

Japan Meteorological Agency announces contraction of the no-entry zone around Mt. Ontake

At Mt. Ontake, the number of volcano-related tremors has fallen sharply since the period immediately following the eruption in September of last year. As well, almost no volcanic gas is being detected, and there appear to be no signs of an impending large eruption.
For these reasons, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced that the no-entry zone will be reduced in size from 4 km from the crater, which has been the extent of the zone since immediately after the eruption, to 3 km from the crater, as of 5:00 pm, January 19th.

Due to the recent eruption of Mt. Ontake, an area extending to 3 km from the crater has been designated a no-entry zone.  However, the Hida Ontake Kogen Highland Training Area stands outside this zone. The entire Training Area can be used without any hindrance, and all facilities are open and operating as normal.

As well, measurements of the atmospheric conditions* are taken twice daily, and the results meet environmental standards.

※Measurements taken
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) ... Irritates eyes, mucous membranes
Suspended particulate matter (SPM) ... Affects respiratory system

(Reference)See the Gifu Prefecture homepage「Regarding the Eruption of Mt. Ontake (Disaster Management Division)

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