Hot Springs Recuperation

Hot springs recuperation is effective for post-training fatigue recovery and relaxation. The NTC Highland Training Performance Enhancing Facility has the following hot spring facilities available for use.

Nigorigo Hot Spring

Located at 1,800 m above sea level and open year round, this hot springs resort is known as the launch point for Hida-side ascents of the sacred Mt. Ontake. As a hot springs town, it is home to several of Japan’s highest hot springs.
Said to have first been developed in 1887 as a hot springs resort offering lodgings for mountain climbers, in 1955 automobile access was completed from Kuguno via Akigami Hot Spring to Nigorigo Hot Spring, making the area an overnight hot springs resort.
It has the air of a secret or hidden hot spring, surrounded as it is by lush virgin forest and rustic scenery.

  • Water Composition: Hydrogen carbonate spring (sodium/calcium – hydrogen carbonate/sulfate hot spring)
  • Efficacy: Neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, more
Nigorigo Hot Spring

Shiozawa Hot Spring “Shichiho-kan”

Located at altitude of 1,000 m and overlooked by the imposing seven peaks of Mt. Higeta. Open year round. Refresh in the relaxing waters while experiencing the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery.

  • Water Composition: Carbon dioxide – sodium/calcium – hydrogen carbonate hot spring)
  • Efficacy: Wounds and burns, rheumatic disease, cutaneous pruritus, more


Shichiho-kan(Hot Spring)

Shichiho-kan(Hot Spring)

Akigami Hot Spring

Listen to the bubbling waters of the Akigami River as you soak in these relaxing hot springs.

  • Water Composition: Earthy iron carbonate springs
  • Efficacy: Lumbago, neuralgia, sensitivity to cold, arthralgia, more
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