1,200 m to 2,200 m High-altitude Environment

A high-altitude environment is a low-pressure zone known as a hypobaric hypoxic environment. Oxygen supply at high-altitudes is reduced compared to sea level. Training at high altitude for a fixed period of time accelerates breathing and circulation at rest, and the increased burden of hypoxic stimulation during training and similar effects lead to improvements in the body’s ability to transport oxygen.

Medically, it is said that the increase in red corpuscles and hemoglobin and the boost to oxygen intake and supply leads to improved endurance performance. Research in recent years has shown that such training is effective not only in endurance disciplines, but in sports involving short-distance running and instantaneous bursts of power. Marathoners such as Naoko Takahashi and Mizuki Noguchi and swimmer Kosuke Kitajima have used high-altitude training to win Olympic gold medals and more.
 High-altitude Environment

The Hida Ontake Kogen Highland Training Area consists of four zones located between 1,200 m and 2,200 m, enabling athletes to train according to their personal abilities and goals.

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