Seasonal Highlights

Spring (April to June)

Typically, snow melts from the Hida Ontake Kogen Highland Training Area around late April and early May. The Ciao Ontake Resort Zone offers spring skiing into early May. Mountain climbing of the 3,067 m-high Mt. Ontake begins around June.

Summer (July to August)

Summer is the best season for high-altitude training.
Mid-summer temperatures at the Hida Ontake Kogen Highland Training Area range from 18℃ to 25℃. Compared to lowland temperatures of 30℃ to 36℃, athletes can train with greater comfort and safety. We recommend moving through all 4 zones for training that makes the most of the high-altitude difference.

Autumn (September to October)

The vicinity around the Hida Ontake Kogen Highland Training Area is blessed with a wealth of natural scenery, including Mt. Ontake, over 200 waterfalls, virgin forest, stunning night skies, and more. In the high-altitude environment, even light exercise such as walking becomes excellent training. From Hiwada to Nigorigo, we recommend nature trails within the area where rare alpine plants and wildflowers can be found.

Winter (November to March)

The Hiwada Zone and Nigorigo Zone are fully equipped with indoor training rooms and gymnasiums for year-round high-altitude training. In particular, the winter season offers the chance to work on running, throwing, and kicking sports, as well as focused basic training that is normally difficult to incorporate into a daily routine.

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