Combining with Cognitive Motion-type Training

It has been noted that the effectiveness of high-altitude training varies widely between individuals, but by combining a high-altitude environment with cognitive motion-type training, better results can be achieved.

Cognitive motion-type training is a training system developed by Kando Kobayashi, a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo. The classic cognitive motion-type training machine is the sprint training machine, which can boost sports performance and promote health.

Improving bodily coordination for athletic activities requires coordination between the brain, nervous system, and muscle movements. “Cognition” refers to the intellectual working of the brain. Cognitive motion-type training is so called because it exercises “motions” in which the working of the brain plays a large role.

By raising the quality of motion, the training has been shown to improve the physical abilities (motor nerve system) of elementary to high school students, improve athletes’ competitiveness through improved running and body control, and more. Competing in events with the correct motions also helps prevent sports injuries.

Cognitive motion-type training can efficiently strengthen inner muscles that are hidden within the body, and is effective in combating lifestyle diseases and metabolic syndrome.

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